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Musical Director  Sarah Cope







Sarah came from a musical family and has always enjoyed singing and playing a variety of instruments. Her earliest memory is wearing a blue choir robe and a funny hat at a time when she could not even see over the choir stalls!

After studying at Southlands College and London University (main studies: Trumpet, Music and Education), during which she gained her B.Ed and M.A. and ARCM,
  Sarah taught in Junior and Prep Schools in Kew, Slough and Langley, quite often on a part time basis while the family appeared (3 boys and 1 girl).

When the family moved to Newbury in 1992 Sarah resumed her full time career.

Since 1997, Sarah has been the Director of Music at St Nicolas Parish Church, Newbury. St Nicolas is a large town centre church, and Sarah has grown the choir to over 55 members, both Juniors and Adults. The choir performs regularly for Sunday Services and Civic services. Special events have included singing at Bristol and Coventry Cathedrals during the resident choirs Summer break, and taking part in Sainsburys Choir of the Year Competition (March 2000).
Sarah is also responsible for building up an Open Choir and Orchestra for members of the congregation and wider community, performing both classical and more modern music. Sarah feels this is of vital importance. Singing gives you the opportunity to relax, grow, learn new skills, hone old ones and make new friends in an invigorating environment. Consequently, there have been large community performances of Joseph and Godspell at St Nics and there is regular Community Christmas choir open to all, raising money for charity.

Sarah was Head of Music at both Thorngrove Scool, Highclere (1992-2003) and Farleigh School, Andover (2003-2006). Highlights include choir tours to Somerset, Bruges and France, where the choir gave concerts in Paris and Fantasy World, Disneyland. Taking instrumentalists and choirs to perform in the Festival and Queen Elizabeth Halls in London, and a Choir tour to Lisieux in 2005, birthplace of St Therese of Lisieux the Patron Saint of Farleigh.

2006+ Sarah is now pursuing a career as a freelance musician, including choir training, conducting and individual teaching in brass, voice and piano, and really enjoys the variety and opportunity that this gives.

Even more recently Sarah and Nic went on a narrowboat holiday and were hooked! The result is they now have a lovely 46' Narrowboat called "Adagio" and have enjoyed cruising along the K & A as well as venturing along the Oxford and Grand Union canal systems. There is no piano aboard yet! But you can take a trumpet and a saxophone...

Sarah is really looking forward to working with the Cromwell singers and building on the excellent work that has gone before.